Team Member Martina Petranović, Senior Scientific Assoc.

Martina petranovic

Researcher identification number: 266950

Martina Petranović was born in Rijeka in 1976. She graduated in Comparative Literature and the English Language and Literature and in an additional Study Program in Theatre Studies from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb (2000), where she also completed a Postgraduate Study Program in Literary Criticism and obtained a doctoral degree, having defended her thesis on The Role of Costume Design in Croatian Theatre (2010). She was appointed to an associate grade of a Postdoctoral Researcher in the academic discipline of Humanities, academic field of Art Sciences, academic subfield of Theatre Studies on June 30, 2010, to a scientific grade of a Research Associate on January 26, 2011, and to a scientific grade of a Senior Scientific Associate on April 6, 2016.

From 1997 to 2000, she volunteered in the Croatian ITI-UNESCO Center, having participated in the organization and implementation of projects and symposia, edition of bulletins, books, and proceedings and in article writing. From 2001, she worked as a Junior Assistant at the Division for the History of the Croatian Theatre, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb, with which she has been employed as a Research Associate since 2014. From 2001, she collaborated with the research project The Répertoire of Croatian Theatres: Volume 4, having collaborated with the research project The Time and Space of the European and Croatian Theatrical Engagement of the Actor and Director Ivo Raić as of 2007 and with the research project The Idea of Synthesis: Visual Design of the Stage Space in the 1950s from 2014 to 2015.

She reviewed scientific papers and research projects in Croatia and abroad, was a member of various award-bestowing commissions (Marko Fotez Award for the best book in Theatre Studies, Vladimir Nazor Award, etc.), a member of symposial organizing committees (Ranko Marinković Days, a Matrix Croatica symposium on contemporary drama and theatre), participated in 30-odd domestic and international symposia, and wrote more than 30 scientific papers published in journals and books of proceedings. She authored several professional papers, essays, reviews and critiques, literary works’ afterwords, 200-odd lexicographic micropaedic and macropaedic articles on the Croatian drama and theatre for a series of domestic and several international editions, organized several theatrical exhibitions (A Hundred Years of Croatian Set Design and Costume Design – a costume design section, Theatre According to Krleža, Costume in a Museum: Costume Designer Vanda Pavelić Weinert, Our Shakespeare, Theatre and Cultural Memory – 50 Years of Croatian Theatre History Department), was a Visiting Lecturer at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb and at the Faculty of Textile Technology, and was a Theses Adviser in the Doctoral Study Program at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.

In collaboration with Ivana Bakal and Ana Lederer, she published the book A Hundred Years of Croatian Set Design and Costume Design (1909 – 2009) (ULUPUH, Zagreb, 2011) and the book The Répertoire of Croatian Theatres: Volume 5 – A Descriptive Analysis of the More Significant Performances in the Croatian Language and the Performances in Foreign Languages by the Croatian Performers Up to 1840 (HAZU, AGM, Zagreb, 2012) in collaboration with Lucija Ljubić, authored the books On Stage and Around It: Studies on the Croatian Drama and Theatre (Oksimoron, Osijek, 2013), Recognizably Different: Costume Designer Ika Škomrlj (ULUPUH, Zagreb, 2014), From Costume to Costume Design: Croatian Theatre Costume Design (ULUPUH, Zagreb, 2015), Theater and (Hi)story: Essays on the Croatian Theatre Historiography (Ex libris, Zagreb, 2015), and Kamilo Tompa and Theatre (HAZU, ULUPUH, Zagreb 2017.), and has received several professional awards including Marko Fotez Award (2016.).

Main scientific interest fields: contemporary Croatian drama and theatre, theatre costume and set design, theatre historiography, Croatian theatre history.